The Future of Fun - Utube Game!

Quantum Wormholes, bending space time, launching spheres into orbit, as the players attempt to become one with the ball. 

World Record Tournament coming in 2020. Can you master The Zone? Sign up on the World Record Tournament page so you can order your Utube Game and start training to win the title, "The Master of the Zone."


Utube Game


Awesome! Simple! Fun for ALL ages!

Investment Opportunities

We are starting our seeding round to raise capital to launch Utube Game Worldwide in 2019-20.


Utube Game

Additional Information

Utube is a simple game that requires little effort to keep the ball looping. A simple movement, over and out to get the ball looping and from there the fun begins. Once you mastered its simplicity, The players can do TRICKS, passing the ball to and from another player.

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Our introductory price for the Utube Game, Pro Ball with 2 caps and Training Bar for only $19.95 

 Utube Game Patent #6,537,163